Café Collection - Polymer Stone flooring

Stone Polymer Composite tiles are a revolution in flooring, thanks to its innovative Click-N-Lock Technology. It enables the tiles to be laid with minimal effort and expertise. Aesthetically appealing in both wood and stone finish, they are highly durable. The main ingredient being Stone Polymer composite core. This composition of stone infused with polymer molecules, act as a binding agent, giving us best in class strength and makes the tiles water proof and UV resistant.

The presence of polymer makes the limestone mouldable enabling to put a perfect locking system, it make thinner tiles while maintaining the strength and durability of the locking mechanism.

Wall to Wall Carpets

Wall to wall carpets are lush in texture, and are soft to walk on. No wonder then that they are a favourite of the hospitality industry. They’re known to improve air quality, block sound transmission, and trap particles and allergens that can be later vacummed away. They retain their grace for many years and are economical in the long run. The carpets are Easy to clean and maintain, Stain and fade resistant, Anti-Static and fire-resistant and Acoustic sound and heat insulation.

Greens - Artifical grass collection

Your space is your own creation. It is your opportunity to show others all of the unique aspects of the property. And today, artificial turf adds an entirely new dimension to their property, both in esthetics as well as value. Greens from Welspun Flooring, is a unique range of artifical grass collection that’s soothing to the eyes and the environment. It also comes with some very attractive benefits. Greens is low on maintenance, highly durable, offers versatility and Sustainability.