STONTECCH - GERMAN QUALITY - MADE IN INDIA is a revolutionary, new and exciting product, created by chemically extracting raw materials from actual quarried slate, quartzite and sandstone slabs into thin layers of stone. These stone layers are bonded to a strong polyester resin reinforced with fibreglass backing under controlled pressure and heat to produce a strong, yet flexible panel of stone – STONTECCH! STONTECCH PANELS have been tested and developed as an attractive and functional stone panel for endless interior and exterior applications.


Flextone is a new, innovative offering from SQINOTECCH’s ever-expanding stable of world-class products. Suitable for any type of interior or exterior application, Flextone is made out of natural stone with a polymer composite backing that makes it ultra-light, yet strong and bendable. It makes walls look amazingly beautiful. It can even be combined with different elements to create a unique design that’s truly one of a kind. And it is astoundingly simple to install. No wonder Flextone is a favourite of architects and contractors! An incredible benefit of this product is its enhanced flexibility that allows you to install the product on any curved surface such as round columns or walls.


Lightweight and bendable, LITTONE stone panels allow light to pass through and utilise the texture, natural colour and beauty of stone to offer unlimited design possibilities. These panels are engineered with a thin layer of real natural stone plus a translucent fibreglass/polyester resin backing. Moreover, when back-lighting is used on LITTONE PANELS fabricated from these stones, their ability to transmit light gives them a luminous appearance. Illumination also reveals the subtle details of the complex patterning found in these extraordinary stones.

LITTONE stone panels by Sqinotecch are great for many applications. And because they can be backlit, they provide brilliant and radiant focal points regardless of the surface they are placed on, whether it’s a bar top, ceiling, column, counter or partition (among others).


Nature’s soft, elegant colour palette is perfectly matched to PIGMENTO’s subtle and authentic fibre cement shades! PIGMENTO’s ornamented, 3D-printed panels offer an astounding diversity in patterns, innumerable designs, colours and formats for a wide range of design possibilities that make the building cladding come to life. This through-coloured fibre cement panel attains an unparalleled natural texture as a result of its dynamic production process. Its fibre cement material, delicate surface texture and carefully matched full-body colour lend each PlGMENTO panel a pleasant natural appearance and surface feel for unmistakable uniqueness. Moreover, PIGMENTO panels can be perforated and engraved, making them ideal for acoustic or aesthetical applications such as to depict works of art, letters, logos, etc. What’s more, PIGMENTO’s beneficial physical properties mean that they are extremely tough, durable and fire-resistant, providing a long-lasting, reliable and problem-free solution for both interior and exterior applications!


A new generation of lightweight concrete wall cladding for modern applications. These high-performing, creative and solution-oriented panels are transforming the construction market – and with good reason! CONRETO panels are a mixture of cement (bonder), aggregates (sand and gravel) plus special pigments and adhesives. They offer a simple solution for creating a contemporary atmosphere with an authentic material that is finer and derived from an industrial inspiration: concrete.

Exclusive CONCRETO technology is adapted for each made-to-measure project to deliver one-of-a-kind results every time. Our design studio is at your disposal to discuss your unique project to create customised panels for your walls. The look and touch of each CONCRETO panel is the same as real concrete, delivering quality that you can see and feel in every last detail. That’s what makes this product authentic and reliable. That’s what makes it truly exceptional!