Flexible Clay Tiles

MCM PHOMI is an amalgamation of clay and sand through an un19red technology, with the base materials being constituted and bonded together by using a low heat temperature. The clay is constituted with recycled materials to reduce carbon footprint, thus making it the closest pure form with the nature.

MCM PHOMI products ensure style performance & durability for multi-purpose exterior and interior requirements. MCM PHOMI range of products provides eco-friendly, smooth & stylish aesthetics with superior & durable performance. It has a wide range which encompasses MCM Stone, MCM Wood, MCM Brick and MCM Leather.

The products come with a base thickness of only 2.5 mm. They are extremely light weight, non-breakable, flexible and suitable for both exterior and interior applications. Apart from this, the natural characteristics of the soil remains as such giving the benefits of tire retardant, breathability, durability, recyclability and non-toxic features.